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    • The ASR 1 will now be offered in powder coated Matte Black at an even cheaper price than before.

    • The ASR 1, with its 1.5" aluminum profile base, is our entry level chassis that doesn't compromise in any way and offers SimRacers excellent value for their investment when compared to the competition at the same price point.

    • We created this very affordable chassis with zero flex, zero frills and unparalleled quality.

    • It can offer performance far superior to any wheel stand, folding chair-type rig or entry level chassis available out there, at a price that literally can't be beat by any of our competitors.

    • The ASR 1 is built tough to support any kind of resistance-type or belt-driven wheel base. Although it doesn't feature heavy aluminum profile like our upper tier models, it is made of top-grade alloy Aluminum sourced in the United States of America.

    • Produced and packaged in Canada with the utmost care and attention.

    • Although a bit more constrained when it comes to pedal plate adjustment and angle possibilities when compared to the ASR 3, 4 & 6, the chassis will still be easily adjustable in pedal height, angle, and position depending on the racing style and comfort level you are looking for.

    • Highly adjustable wheel deck that gives you the opportunity to create your own customized and optimal racing position.

    • Chassis size and format is adequate for most builds and heights (Up to 6'6" or 1.98m).

    • The ASR 1 is sold with our Standard Wheel Deck (Entry level and mid-range products from quality manufacturers such as Thrustmaster, Fanatec and Logitech) or our CSL DD Pro Side Mount (exclusively for Fanatec's CSL DD & DD Pro)

    • The ASR 1 doesn't come standard with a Shifter Arm, but we offer 2 distinct options for SimRacers looking to expand their arsenal of peripherals: The Simple Shifter Arm which consist of one horizontal aluminum beam that can be mounted to your rig's steering support column, or the Supported Shifter Arm that includes a thicker horizontal aluminum beam and a vertical support beam that attaches to your rig's base for extra sturdiness.

    • Please note that all steel parts such as Wheel Mounting Plates and Pedal Plates or Trays come in a textured matte black finish (Powder coat)

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