Collection: WHEELBASES

Sim racing wheelbases, including direct drive bases, are the foundation of a sim racing wheel setup. They provide the force and precision necessary for accurate control of the virtual vehicle, translating the user's inputs into realistic steering movements. Here's an overview of sim racing wheelbases and direct drive bases:

Direct Drive Bases: Direct drive bases represent the high-end segment of sim racing wheelbases. They utilize a direct connection between the motor and the wheel, without any intermediary gears or belts. This direct transmission of force results in unparalleled strength, responsiveness, and fidelity of force feedback. Direct drive bases are known for their incredibly strong and detailed force feedback effects, allowing users to feel even the subtlest nuances of the virtual vehicle's behavior. They are often preferred by professional sim racers or enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in realism and immersion. Direct drive bases are typically more expensive than belt-driven wheelbases and require a robust rig or mounting solution due to their high torque output.

When selecting a sim racing wheelbase or direct drive base, factors to consider include performance, torque output, smoothness of force feedback, build quality, compatibility, and budget. 

It's worth noting that sim racing wheelbases and direct drive bases are often sold separately from the actual steering wheel rim, allowing users to choose a wheel rim that suits their preferences and racing style.